Comments and Feedback
EXCELLENT!!! 5/5 (Dominic, St Luke’s School)
Very Good, It was great to hear relative, real life situations & experiences (Rhiannon, Admirable Crichton)
Clear, Concise, Friendly & well informed (Rachel, Shakespeare’s Globe)
Great explanations (Suzanne, Deutsche Bank)
Thoroughly enjoyed!! Great course!! 11/10 (Nigel, Nike Town )
"Excellent standard of instructor, very relaxing, very good learning techniques" (Laurette, SPI Associates LTD)
"Scott is an excellent trainer, very well prepared, excellent knowledge of first aid" (Iulia, South Hampstead High School)
5/5 "Good to have an instructor who works in real life situations" (Lee, Deutsche Bank)
"Best 1st aid course I've done, the others have been boring" (Debbie Rusell-Bevan)
"Graham is friendly, and very knowledgeable, with great first hand stories, which made the subjects more memorable" Janice Mitchell
"Course was enjoyable & delivered well! It's my 5th 1st Aid Course, and by far the MOST ENJOYABLE" Tina Verity
"A really good course Jack, was really knowledgable, experienced & friendly" Sharon Dick
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